Cave Street, Oxford, UK. 1999
Two Day Installation


Installation View

Installation of work shown in Cave St. Oxford. UK. Mixed media including wax, wire mesh, plaster, rope, paint, copper wire, electrics and timber.

The Installation lasted a period of 48 hours during which all the objects made from wax (cutlery, toothbrushes) were melted. Once melted they were replaced with fresh objects and the cycle repeated.

Installation View


Melting Cutlery


'Melting Cutlery'

Close view showing one of the two sets of partly-melted cast wax cutlery within a wire mesh 'house'. New 'cutlery' replaced 'cutlery' that had melted under time-sequenced heating devices.


'Melting Toothbrushes'

Detail showing partly melted wax 'toothbrushes' at the 'cold' stage. Periodic heating allowed the wax to cool and 'freeze' then continue to melt once the heat returned.

Melting Toothbrushes
Chrome Cutlery


'Chrome Cutlery'

Close view showing chrome painted plaster 'cutlery' within a wire framed 'house'. Cutlery set for two individuals.

'Red & Black Houses'

Close view showing (top) black painted wire, three-dimensional 'line' drawing of house on red painted profile of house (painted directly onto wall)
- seven in total.

Lower photo shows same motive in reverse order-seven in total.

Black House
Red House
Melting Cutlery


'Melting Cutlery'

Pair of columns each with a set of melting wax 'cutlery' within a wire framed house structure. (1.5m in height.)