Blackwells, Oxford, UK. 1996
'Office Hours' - Two Week Installation

This work consisted of installing five works-
one in each of the main windows of
Blackwell's Art Bookshop, Oxford, UK.


Wax toothbrushes and houses were placed on heated steel plates. These were timed so that a controlled melting of the objects would occur each day between the hours of 9am-6pm over the two-week period of the installation.

At the end of the two-week period all the work was dissembled and taken away.

Chess Houses
'Chess Houses' - Larger image


House Cloud
'House Cloud' - Larger image

Forty nine cast wax houses were suspended beneath four halogen lights.

Each day a member of the shop staff moved the lights to another four houses which then melted under the heat of the lights .

The resultant wax dripped down onto the floor where three black, hessian and wax covered houses rested.


Close view showing partially melted black and white cast toothbrushes.

Each day seven new toothbrushes were placed on the heated steel plate-alternating between black and white toothbrushes.

Wax, steel, ceramic tiles, electrics and glass beaker. (1M.30+1M.30+30cm deep)


Daily Ritual
'Daily Ritual' - Larger image

House Column


'House Column'
Larger image

(1st Day)

A one metre high column of wax suspended inside a hessian covered 'scaffolding' structure

Inside the melting column seven 'domestic' objects were placed. As the wax melted and 'shrank' the objects were revealed- amongst other objects these included a real toothbrush, pills, comb etc.

House Column End


(14th Day)
Larger image

The last day of the installation. Most, though not all, of the objects had been revealed amongst the molten wax


The only 'static' work amongst the five pieces.
Thirty three cast wax toothbrushes stood upright before a bathroom mirror.

Mirror, mirror tiles, wax, fire ash.

Tooth Soldiers
'Tooth Soldiers' - Larger image