Oxford Brookes University, 2004-05
“Visual Diaries”

time on your hands / out of time / keep time / time-honoured / about time / time is pressing / time flies / time drags on / time-stamped / time-scale / a life time...

This 'visual diaries' project begun in October 2004 and concluded in March 2005.
Staff and students from the Harcourt Hill Campus, Oxford Brookes University were asked to participate by agreeing to take a photographic image every half hour from waking to going to bed. This they did on one day each week for seven weeks- with the 'photo' day shifting each subsequent week (mon, tues, weds. etc.) In all seventeen staff and students volunteered for the project.

At the end of each week the images were uploaded to the Brookes website – making the project easily available to all visitors to the site. The page became one of the most visited pages on the Brookes website – see it here.

Please allow time for slideshows to download...

In addition to the web-based project the photos were also printed, sealed in plastic 'bags' and attached to canes that were placed in the grass of the main Quad on the campus- creating a 'sea' of images criss-crossed by the existing pathways. See the "Exterior Installation" below.
In total 3,200 images were uploaded and printed.

However, the exterior installation fell foul to the unseasonably harsh winds - necessitating the work to be revised for an interior location.

The campus Chapel was chosen and the resultant work (revised and adapted) can be seen in "Interior Installation" below.

cultural criminals would like to thank all those who participated in the project and to all those at Oxford Brookes University, Harcourt Hill who helped make this residency possible.

Exterior Installation

Interior installation
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cultural criminals are Roger Perkins and Kay Sentance.