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This page is for open debate and feedback.
If you would like to comment on any aspects of the work of Roger Perkins,
please feel free to by emailing rogerperkins@onetel.net.uk

"Beautiful and spiritually profound. Vehicles passing by, juxtaposed to the reality of our impermanence. The wax streams like tears of grief expressing sorrow. Can we feel the preciousness of our lives before we evaporate? You have captured the sacred and the mundane, tradition and technology. It's a call to awakening. What a gift you have given to everyone who
sees this work".

"I went to St. Botolph's today, and was very impressed and moved by your piece".

"I'm watching from Chicago. I have been to the Church and stood on that corner".

"I am telling everyone how good and moving I found your work".

"We were well impressed! and glad we made the pilgrimage to see the
start - quite a profound Eastery mood to it all".

"We were very impressed with the piece and it was good to see it on our own - this helped to create an intimate and contemplative atmosphere".

I just wanted to say from an amateur who just loves art, that your pieces are amazing. I love art that people can see in their own translation, the wax pieces just being so beautiful to begin with then allowed to melt only to be replaced makes me think of how bigger things, like the life cycle and how it does the same. Deep for a moody teenager? The pieces in the prison are my "favourite" as they are personal, the one comment in perticular that the razor helped him keep his dignity and normality inside was the one i could possibly relate to most.
Keep it up and keep me posted with anything new.
Laura (aged 16)

"Hi, I stumbled across the web site with the dual cam.

I don't always take that much interest in art, I'm a graphic design graduate but have not followed it as a career.

It's 1:20am now. I'm listening to 'Spirit of Eden' by 'talk talk' and I'm watching the dual webcam.

I can't think of any art I've seen in recent years that would make me send an email. When I saw your work with the traffic outside I felt incredibly sad and lonely. I have often looked out of my window at night wondering what's going on in the houses I can see, wondered what's going on once I've gone to bed?

I think there's a myriad of lonely, forgotten places that I know must exist but can never see- every alley, dustbin, house, flat, closed shop (endless list).

But I saw your work at the same time as the busy traffic went by outside.

I'm rambling, I've had a couple of beers, sorry! "

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