Extracts from performances and workshops

Passing the Time 2006
Shockwave Flash 4.2M

Functioning clock using the movement of a typewriter to donate the current time.
Part of the 'Timekeepers' project 2006 at Oxford Brookes University, Oxford.

Collaboration with Kay Sentance, with shockwave Programming from Hugh Pryor

Clay Mates, 2004

Oxford University, Oxford.
A Cultural Criminals workshop. (Roger Perkins & Kay Sentance)

Participating members of staff –
Oxford Brookes University.
Samples of 'alter egos'.
Each clay piece and narrative developed in 15 minutes.

Ash Girl 2003

Set designs, props, video projections for 'Ash Girl' Pegasus Theatre, Oxford. 2003

In collaboration with Kay Sentance.
Ash Girl is a re-working of Cinderella by writer Timberlake Wertenbaker.

Movie shows part of the set back-projection.

Drenched, 2002
QuickTime 920k

Video Projection used in Theatre Performance, devised and developed by Cultural Criminals

Included in this section is a small collection of sound samples recorded for live performances-including theatre, dance and CD soundtrack.




"frantic" Ash Girl

"eat your words"

"ice"– extract from dance performance