Pegasus Theatre, Oxford, 2004
“eat your words”

Death and food – the great occasions that bring people together.
“eat your words” explores the personal histories and dynamics in those dealing with
the death of someone very close to them together with the compulsive need to eat
as a means of returning to normality – what ever that is.....

“eat your words” takes place during a wake, where family members gather to mourn the passing of one man - a brother, father, husband. Each person brings alive their memories of the dead one, and terrible secrets are revealed that would have remained hidden, had he lived.

A highly visual performance, “eat your words” uses puppetry, sounds and visual art to express the inner turmoil of the family members as they discover the truth about the past.

Co-directed and designed by: Roger Perkins, Kay Sentance and Emma Webb: a Cultural Criminals activity.


 QuickTime 1.7M

Who are Cultural Criminals?
Cultural Criminals has recently been established to encourage creative collaborations between artists, designers, writers, choreographers etc. and those involved with creative exploration in the arts.

It intentionally and deliberately does not have a 'mission statement'- to do so would confine its parameters of activity and approach. Flexibility of approach and flexibility of its membership numbers is seen as a positive aspect to new and exciting self-initiated collaborations.

On this occasion Cultural Criminals are Roger Perkins, Kay Sentance & Emma Webb.